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About The Middle

Imagine a show being aired for 9 years and still being known as underrated! Funny thing, the show has no reason to be undervalued. General affirmation of lower middle-class, daily struggles of home life, and the show goes on.

The Middle, more like sitcom than any other sitcoms themselves, has broad humour with most realistic and relatable situations ever! The show has, nevertheless, made continuity and a loyal following with a plot that nearly anyone can relish, without giving much thought as to why it’s so amazing. Watch the show and impatiently await for the consecutive episode!

Main Cast:

  1. Patricia Heaton as Frances Heck
  2. Neil Flynn as Michael Heck Jr.
  3. Charlie McDermott as Axl Redford Heck
  4. Eden Sher as Sue Sue Heck
  5. Atticus Shaffer as Brick Heck
  6. Chris Kattan as Bob Weaver

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