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About The Last Ship

Fine summer thriller with some tight action sequences holds enough oomph to make you envision what happens next. The Last Ship is entertaining enough to overlook things that don’t quite make sense.You have to merely sit back and commemorate with it, as serious as the situation is. Naval destroyer, Nathan James, along with his crew is working on a secret mission to form an immunizing agent for a globally spread virus that has destroyed much life on Earth. Does that sound intense? Sure it does! The breathless suspense is certain to make the viewers anxious regarding the ensuing episode. Lets not speak additional about it lest we give out a spoiler!

Main Cast:

  1. Eric Dane as Admiral Tom Chandler
  2. Rhona Mitra as Dr. Rachel Scott
  3. Adam Baldwin as Admiral Mike Slattery
  4. Charles Parnell as Master Chief Petty  
  5. Travis Van Winkle as Lieutenant Daniel Joshua
  6. Marissa Neitling as Commander Kara Green
  7. Christina Elmore as Lieutenant Commander Alisha Granderson
  8. John Pyper-Ferguson as Ken Tex Nolan,

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